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Preschool Prep – Ages 3 – 4 Years


Learning Environment

At Echidna, our Preschool Prep program provides a secure, stimulating, and developmentally-appropriate environment where educators prioritise the individual needs of children aged 3-4 years old, fostering growth across various developmental domains such as language, social and emotional skills, cognitive abilities, and motor development. The children enjoy time with books, art, craft, construction, music, science, math and a variety of fine motor opportunities, extending the children’s interest and curiosity across all areas of development. We recognise this stage as one of rapid growth and exploration as children transition from toddlers to preschoolers, necessitating strong support from our highly skilled educators.

In the Possum room, children actively participate in daily opportunities tailored to their interests, informed by family input and developmental observations and assessments. Educators empower children to make decisions that impact them directly, fostering the expansion of their interests and the cultivation of meaningful relationships with each other.

Our Possum room has 20 children each day enjoying a wide variety of experiences provided by our 2 educators.

Learning Opportunities

In the Possum room, the various learning opportunities presented to the children involve both indoor and outdoor play providing the children with rich learning opportunities shaped by their individual interests.

The Possum children have their own learning and play spaces with opportunities that assist in the commencement of their journey towards pre-school.

Our qualified educators provide the Possum children with many learning opportunities;

  1. Active Exploration and Inquiry: Educators encourage children’s natural curiosity by providing hands-on learning experiences that promote exploration and inquiry. We offer engaging activities such as sensory play, science experiments, and outdoor exploration to stimulate children’s curiosity and foster a love for learning. Educators encourage children to ask questions, make predictions, and experiment with different materials to develop critical thinking skills.  
  2. Communication and Language Development: Educators create a language-rich environment where children have opportunities to communicate and express themselves. Educators encourage storytelling, role-playing, and group discussions to develop children’s oral language skills and expand their vocabulary. We provide opportunities for children to engage in meaningful conversations with peers and educators to promote social interaction and language development.  
  3. Social and Emotional Learning: Educators support children’s social and emotional development by providing opportunities for collaboration, empathy, and self-regulation. We foster positive relationships among peers through cooperative games, group projects, and collaborative activities. Educators teach children to identify and express their emotions in healthy ways, and provide strategies for managing conflict and building resilience. 
  4. Creative Expression and Imagination: Educators nurture children’s creativity and imagination through art, music, and dramatic play. We provide a variety of art materials and encourage children to explore different forms of creative expression. We support dramatic play by providing props, costumes, and open-ended materials that allow children to role-play and express themselves imaginatively. We encourage children to use their imagination to solve problems and create their own stories and scenarios. 
  5.  Physical Development and Well-being: Educators promote physical activity and healthy habits to support children’s overall well-being. We provide opportunities for active play, outdoor exploration, and gross motor opportunities that develop coordination, strength, and balance. Educators teach children about the importance of exercise, nutrition, and self-care practices such as handwashing and personal hygiene.

By embedding the EYLF and dispositions for learning and providing a rich and supportive learning environment, educators can empower children aged 3-4 years to thrive and develop the skills they need for success in school and beyond. 

What To Bring Each Day 

  • A broad brimmed hat for outside play. 
  • Changes of clothes in case we get messy or have water play.
  • Water bottle. 
  • A single fitted sheet for rest time. 

We will provide

  • Onsite kitchen and chef 
  • Nutritious Meals prepared daily 
  • Sunscreen 

Taking enrolments

Early Years Program

Echidna Early Learning Centre provides long day educational programs for 6 weeks to 6 years.

OSHC & Vacation Care

Echidna offers Out of School Hours Care and Vacation within our dedicated OSHC space.


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