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Nursery – Ages 6 weeks  – 2 Years


Learning Environment

At Echidna, in our nursery rooms, we provide a warm and nurturing environment dedicated to meeting the needs of the individual child.

Our highly skilled educators cultivate nurturing relationships with the children, fostering bonds and building trust and a sense of belonging. In addition to our caring and nurturing environment, each Echidna child has a focus teacher to assist them in engaging in individual learning opportunities to assess all areas of development and milestones through a stimulating and engaging program.

We recognise the innate curiosity of infants and focus on their development across five key areas: language, social, emotional, physical, and cognitive, guided by the Early Years Learning Framework.

At Echidna, we thoroughly consider each child’s daily routine to facilitate a smooth transition into our care. Our freshly prepared, nutritious meals cater to every child’s individual needs for example; vegetarian, allergies and cultural needs.

We deeply value the trust you place in us to provide your young child with attentive, high-quality education and care, ensuring their days are filled with wonder and exploration.

Learning Opportunities

In the Joey and Koala room, the various learning opportunities presented to the children involve both indoors and outdoor play providing the children with rich learning opportunities shaped by their individual interests. Our qualified educators provide the Joey and Koala children with many learning opportunities to promote the following learning dispositions;

  1. Active Exploration: Infants and toddlers are natural explorers, eager to discover the world around them. Learning environments will be rich in sensory experiences, with the use of soft textures to touch, colourful visuals to see, and soothing sounds to hear. Through hands-on exploration the children will develop their sensory awareness and begin to make sense of their surroundings.
  2. Curiosity and Imagination: We will encourage children’s innate curiosity by providing open-ended materials and activities that spark their imagination. Children will be offered toys, books, and props that stimulate their creativity and encourage pretend play. This allows children to engage in imaginative play scenarios, such as pretending to cook in a home corner or building with blocks, fostering their cognitive development and problem-solving skills.
  3. Relationship Building: We will cultivate nurturing relationships between children and educators fostering a sense of security and belonging. There are ample opportunities for one-on-one interactions, such as cuddling, singing, and talking to babies during feeding or nappy changes. Encourage responsive caregiving, where educators tune into each child’s cues and needs, promoting healthy attachment and emotional well-being.
  4. Resilience and Perseverance: Support children’s resilience and perseverance by offering age-appropriate challenges and opportunities for skill-building. Allow infants to engage in tummy time to strengthen their muscles and develop gross motor skills. Offer safe, supportive environments where toddlers can practice crawling, walking, and climbing, building their physical confidence and coordination.
  5. Communication and Language Development: Create language-rich environments where children are exposed to a variety of sounds, words, and gestures. Engage in frequent conversations with infants, narrating daily routines and describing the world around them. Use simple, repetitive language and gestures to support comprehension and encourage early communication efforts, such as babbling and pointing.

By embracing the EYLF dispositions and incorporating these learning opportunities into the nursery room environment, educators can create a nurturing and stimulating space where infants and toddlers thrive and develop foundational skills for lifelong learning.

What To Bring Each Day

  • A broad brimmed hat for outside play.
  • Changes of clothes in case we get messy or have water play.
  • Water bottle to keep me hydrated.

We will provide

  • Nappies and wipes
  • Sudocream
  • Avent bottles
  • Karicare and S26 Gold Formula
  • Bed and cot sheets
  • Onsite kitchen and chef
  • Five Nutritious Meals prepared daily
  • Sunscreen

Taking enrolments

Early Years Program

Echidna Early Learning Centre provides long day educational programs for 6 weeks to 6 years.

OSHC & Vacation Care

Echidna offers Out of School Hours Care and Vacation within our dedicated OSHC space.


Enquire now to speak with our team about the enrolment process. Call now 02 44 22 0800

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Providing the highest quality childcare and early education is central to our mission. We cherish being part of the Nowra community and are proud to be recognised as a professional early years educational center for many wonderful local families.

The team at Echidna Early Learning Centre looks forward to welcoming your family to our centre.

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