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Our Philosophy


Echidna Early Learning Centre is committed to providing an environment which is nurturing, friendly, stimulating and safe environment, underpinned by the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. We are committed to providing a high-quality education and care service where the needs of the children, families, teachers, educators and staff are met.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians, the “Yuin” peoples, on whose land we now stand and we pay our respects to the Elders past and present. We embrace the diverse beliefs and values of our multicultural community, which enriches the life our service.

The National Quality Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework are embedded in our vision to provide a positive framework for a high-quality education and care service.

We believe:

  • Each child is a unique individual who will learn and develop life-long skills through the implementation of quality teaching and learning, provided within a stimulating, educational, play-based curriculum.
  • Play is the heart of our curriculum. Teachers and educators draw on a rich repertoire of pedagogical practices to promote each child’s learning. Play provides a child with a secure sense of belonging giving them the freedom to explore their world as they learn and grow.
  • In acknowledging that each child brings with them diverse experiences and knowledge connected to their family, community, culture and place. Teachers and educators are responsive to each child’s strengths, interests and abilities, valuing the cultural and social context of them and their family.
  • Each child should be given an equal opportunity to explore their environment, be challenged and encouraged across all developmental areas. Provisions and opportunities reflect our multicultural community and promote inclusivity and equal opportunity.
  • Consistent routines, limits and positive guidelines will assist all children to develop the ability to monitor their own behaviour in social and conflict situations. Children have the right to feel safe and secure in their environment and the right to equality and respect. We acknowledge the child’s role in decision making and children should be encouraged to develop responsive and reciprocal relationships. Respecting the needs, feelings and property of others is a mutual practice that assists in the development of compassion in others regardless of age.
  • Environmentally sustainable practices should be embedded into the operations of the education and care service, through encouraging an increasing awareness of environmental responsibilities and practices for a sustainable future.

Our Mission

At Echidna ELC we love and respect, nurture and guide, encourage and embrace every child, constantly seeking more ways to do more and provide even better service for the families that we are part of. Echidna ELC pledges to provide:

  • a high-quality environment; one that’s comfortable, colourful, clean and caring
  • a place where children learn by playing, exploring and creating; a place where discipline is always positive and decision-making and problem solving is encouraged
  • a place where children’s happiness and health are paramount. We promise through integration and learning to positively promote equity and social justice where children develop respect for diversity and an awareness of fairness.
  • a high quality of care embracing our stringent standards of working practices. Our staff are qualified and trained, bringing experience and excellent current knowledge and skills relating to early childhood development when working with your children. Our staff are driven by a true passion for children and child care.

At Echidna ELC, all children are precious individuals whose personal growth and development can always be enhanced through more effective communication between parents and families, the children and centre.




Taking enrolments

Early Years Program

Echidna Early Learning Centre provides long day educational programs for 6 weeks to 6 years.

OSHC & Vacation Care

Echidna offers Out of School Hours Care and Vacation within our dedicated OSHC space.


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Providing the highest quality childcare and early education is central to our mission. We cherish being part of the Nowra community and are proud to be recognised as a professional early years educational center for many wonderful local families.

The team at Echidna Early Learning Centre looks forward to welcoming your family to our centre.

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